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Mojo Rogue Adventure 2 hour Race Report

Team Giant Slayers

Wow what an awesome weekend. This is the most participant/family friendly event going around. Two different race length options, teams could be from 2 to 5 members, boats provided, low cost entry and a rogaine format allowing you to participate to your own skill and fitness level. It seemed too good to be true and our team number 002 shows how keenly we signed up. My 11 year old son Noah had done 1 beginner introductory adventure race before and was ready to give it another go. The 2 hours being just right for his experience and fitness.

We drove out from Brisbane on Friday afternoon and set up camp at the beautiful Lake Cressbrook. With the 2 hour race starting first it gave us novice teams plenty of time to register and organise our race plans before the 6 hour crowd flooded into HQ. Unlike other events were the race planning feels like cramming for an exam there was a good amount of time to sort ourselves out. We really appreciated this.

Leg 1 and we all hit the kayaks. Erren and Jo had done so well to organise these boats which were lighter and handled so well compared with the bath tubs I’ve paddled in other events. With a 50 minute cut off for this leg we set our sights on all but the furthest checkpoint (No 5). Everything was going smoothly until checkpoint 6 which required a short hike. An unmarked trail and a little navigation uncertainty had us questioning how long to spend looking for it. There seemed no easy way through the scrub until we saw another team exit from the lantana. Following their lantana tunnel lead us straight to checkpoint 6 and we were back on track. Heading back to the kayak and Noah tripped falling onto 2 small cactus seedlings. About 20 tiny cactus spikes in his hand and knee brought us to a painful halt. Character building. After removing the small needles and a few deep breaths we had lost time and momentum. We paddled back to transition picking up checkpoint 1 on the way and made it just within the 50 minute cut off.

Leg 2 was mountain biking and we knew this was our weakest discipline, only planning to get the closest 3 checkpoints. We ticked 17 and 18 easily and abandoned the rest. We had lost time and preferred to use what was left on the trek leg.

Leg 3 and we set off following the lake shore line picking up check point 10 easily. On route to checkpoint 11 and I had a navigational brain failure and sheep mentality moment. We crested a hill and knew the next hill along contained the checkpoint. But with 2 teams heading towards the biggest most obvious hill in front of his we set off after them despite it being the wrong compass bearing. When we crossed the creek which we clearly didn’t need to on the map it caused me some concern but not enough to stop chasing those teams in front and besides we had to go up a hill and this was the most prominent hill. Off the edge of the map we go. At least with 2 other teams nearby we weren’t the only ones making obvious mistakes. When it finally couldn’t be denied we were on the wrong hill a redirection took us directly to check point 11. With more time lost we abandoned checkpoint 12 and quickly headed towards HQ. Strategically we had left checkpoint 13 (10 points) very close to HQ as an option if we had time. We ran through HQ, clambered to 13 and made it back to HQ with less than 30 seconds before cut off. After 2 hours it provided us with a real race against the clock exciting finish.

At the presentation and everyone was a winner. Literally there was a small field in the 2 hour and with the number of team categories (male, female, mixed, novice, family etc) we had all placed in at least 1 category. Well done to Erren and Jo for recognising every category and making us all feel like we had achieved. On top of this I won one of the awesome random prize draws so kindly donated by TriRunning Toowoomba. Thank you TriRunning Toowoomba it is a great piece of kit.

Post-race meal was another top notch effort with Pizza from the local town and I only wished they could deliver to Brisbane. The race HQ atmosphere was so good Noah preferred to hang there rather than go back to our camping site. Jarod from Peak Adventure had set up his slack line which drew us all in and kept the kids amused for hours. As Noah and I helped out packing up after the 6 hour event we both noticed how many families were doing the 6 hour event. They stood out for me as the families participating had the biggest smiles and were undeniably focusing on the fun and family experience.

Noah and I are ready to sign up for the 6 hour next year as this was the highlight of our year.

Thank you so much Jo, Erren, Liam, the volunteers and the sponsors Tailwind (will be giving this a go), TriRunning Toowoomba and Johny Sprockets Bike shop.

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